Steven Ross LCSW/RSW Psychotherapy

Individuals and Couples Therapy, Online Zoom Sessions 

for residents of Ontario, Canada and New York State, USA.

About Me

I tend to see a broad assortment of people in my office who are having a difficult time coping or moving forward in their life. Together through talk relational therapy, I hope to help find a pathway to deeper understanding and a way to move forward with confidence and security. My clients are from all different worlds, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender; male and female, young and older.


Regent's College, School of Psychotherapy and Counseling, London, UK

New York University Graduate School of Social Work, MSW, NY

National Institute of the Psychotherapies, Post Graduate Institute Training, NY

Tavistock Institute for Couples Therapy, London, UK

Numerous conferences and scientific lectures

Affiliations: National Association for Social Workers

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Zoom online therapy

Ontario and NY residents

Toronto, ON

New York, NY